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It all started in 1994, in a little old shop on 12th Street and 8th Avenue in New Westminster. Getting started was really tough but with the great food, good atmosphere and the determination of my Mom, Leona Green, it was a success. After 8 years, it was time for a change of scenery. The business was sold and a new operation was born at 412 Columbia Street across from the Columbia skytrain station in downtown New Westminster. The recipe that gained success on 12th Street for all those years rubbed off, and the new little deli thrived. There was only one problem, the space was just too small for this great deli to grow. The little shop was sold and now the third installation of this remarkable place to eat is located at 143 East Columbia Street in the historic Sapperton area of New Westminster. Green's and Beans has also welcomed Larry Thomas A.K.A (The Soup Nazi) from T.V's Seinfield to serve up soup for our customers on more than one occasion "NO SOUP FOR YOU". Green's and Beans has been serving up soups, sandwiches and salads in New Westminster for over 15 years!


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